Warranty Information and Warranty Claims

Warranty Details

Having a warranty on a motorhome or campervan provides peace of mind and financial protection in the event that something goes wrong with the vehicle.

Motorhomes, like any other complex mechanical system, can develop problems or malfunction. Without a warranty, the cost of repairing or replacing these components can be significant.  Overall, a warranty provides valuable protection and peace of mind for motorhome and campervan owners – and can help ensure that the vehicle remains in good working order for years to come.

All New Adria and Burstner motorhomes and campervans come with a full two-year warranty.  New Elddis vehicles come with a three-year warranty, and Platinum Wave campers come with a warranty in two parts:

  • The Conversion part of the vehicle – 12 months
  • The mechanical part (the main vehicle the campervan is based upon) – 6 months.  If the vehicle is nearly new, then this will be subject to the balance of the manufacturer’s warranty – ie the balance of 3 years from when it was first registered.

All used Adria, Burstner, and Elddis motorhomes and campers come with a 12-month warranty on both the mechanical and conversion (habitation) elements.

Contact us on 01564 758060 if you are interested in taking out an extended warranty on your motorhome or campervan.  Used vehicles can be covered for up to three years, and new vehicles until they are five years old.

Warranty Claims

Please fully complete the form below to notify us of a warranty claim for a vehicle supplied by us.  We will then make contact to arrange repairs/replacements where appropriate.

Each fault should be described in writing, and where possible also upload an image to go with that description.