New Adria Campervans

New Adria Campervans

Read on for details of the all-new Adria Active and Adria Twin Max campervans that are on their way to us…

We’re pleased to announce the imminent arrival of two new models of Adria campervans:

Introducing the Active Multi-Purpose Camper: Drive, Dwell, Delight!

Melding seamlessly with the latest Renault Trafic, this isn’t just a campervan—it’s your next adventure. Powered by the robust Euro6D Full engine (available in 110HP & 150HP), every journey is a joyride.

Its restyled exterior and modern cabin are more than just eye candy. Dive into a world of easy-life features and top-notch driver aids.

Adventure junkie? Nature lover? There’s room for all your gear. And when the sun sets, transform the spacious living area into a cosy retreat for four sleepers. With a convertible bed and a pop-top roof bed, nature is just a zip away.

But this camper isn’t just for getaways. Perfect as your daily drive, it seats six with ease. Inside, you’re greeted with a new dashboard, EasyLink multimedia, and those essential king-size cupholders.

Play hard, rest easy, drive daily – read more about the Adria Active Duo Campervan.

The Adria Twin Max Campervan is more than just a vehicle; it’s an embodiment of the adventurous spirit. Designed for optimal comfort and experience, it boasts an open plan cabin-loft style interior, allowing passengers to relax in a comfortable dinette under a panoramic roof window or enjoy spacious living areas. Furthermore, the campervan prioritizes practicality, featuring a well-equipped kitchen with a variety of modern amenities such as a durable worktop, hob, sink, microwave oven/grill, and fridge. Smart storage solutions ensure everything has a designated place, enhancing the convenience of food and drink preparations.

For restful nights on the road, the campervan offers multiple bed formats, controllable lighting, and storage for personal items, ensuring that comfort is paramount. There are also additional sleeping solutions provided in specific models, with unique features like electrically managed beds and foldable rear beds with extensions. The luxury doesn’t stop there; the meticulously designed bathrooms maximize space and come equipped with well-lit mirrors, storage, and a spacious shower. Furthermore, the Adria Twin Max Campervan is built on the MAN TGE, ensuring agile and capable driving, complemented by advanced driver features. The campervan also provides options to choose from a range of high-quality upholstery and cushion sets to suit individual styles and tastes. Read more about the Adria Twin Max Campervan.

If you’d like to explore the Adria model options further, reach out to us at 01564 758060 or send us an enquiry here.