Reserving a Motorhome or Campervan

Reserve a motorhome or campervan

TMD Motorhomes are pleased to announce that new and used motorhomes/campervans (“motorhomes”) which are currently listed for sale on our website can now be reserved with a fully refundable reservation fee for up to 14 days.

Benefits of reserving a motorhome:

1. Motorhomes can be in very high demand, especially during peak buying seasons. By reserving a motorhome, customers ensure that a vehicle will be available for them to buy. This helps to avoid disappointment or the need to wait for new stock to arrive.

2. Making a reservation allows customers to choose from the comfort of their own home, browsing the available inventory and selecting the model, size, and features that best suit their needs and preferences. Reserving the vehicle gives customers a much better chance of securing their preferred choice, as popular models may sell out quickly.

3. Ensures a smoother buying process and avoids rushed decisions or missing out on desired models.

5. When reserving a motorhome, customers will receive dedicated assistance and support from our staff. You can ask questions, clarify any concerns, and receive guidance on the purchasing process, motorhome features, financing options, and other related matters.

6. Making a reservation brings peace of mind to customers, as once they have a confirmed booking they can rely on having a motorhome available for purchase. This eliminates the uncertainty and stress associated with waiting for new stock, the risk of not finding their desired motorhome or having a wasted journey.

Overall, being able to reserve a motorhome offers you the advantages of availability, choice, convenience, dedicated customer support and peace of mind – making your motorhome buying experience more enjoyable and stress-free!

How to reserve a motorhome:

When browsing any of our new or used stock – make sure the vehicle isn’t marked as sold – then look out for this ‘Reserve’ button:

Reserve Button

When you click the button, the reservation fee (£500) will be added to your shopping basket.  You should then click the ‘Basket’ icon in the top navigation bar of the website.  Then you check out as you normally would on any ecommerce website, providing your personal/contact details and making payment.

Conditions relating to Motorhome reservations:

  1. These conditions relate only to the reservation facility for motorhomes/campervans listed for sale on  They do not apply to motorhome hire.
  2. You are invited to use the facility to pay a fully-refundable reservation fee to secure a motorhome and to temporarily take it off sale. This fee helps ensure that customers are committed to the purchase.
  3. When we receive notification of the successful payment of a reservation fee, we will check to make sure that the vehicle in question isn’t already sold or reserved by someone else.  If it is, we will endeavour to let you know by email or by telephone and will refund your payment.
  4. By payment of a reservation fee, there is still no obligation on you to buy the Vehicle, or on us to sell the Vehicle.
  5. In the event that more than one reservation fee is received for one particular vehicle, priority will be given to the payment that was received first.  All other reservation payments on that vehicle will be refunded.
  6. Only one reservation fee will be accepted per household.  So, you cannot reserve more than one vehicle at a time.  Only your last payment will be valid.
  7. Once a valid reservation payment is received:
    1. We will note that the vehicle is reserved for a period of up to 14 days and we will email you to confirm that your reservation is accepted
    2. We will make attempts to contact you during our normal working hours to discuss your purchase
    3. If we cannot contact you within three working days – and haven’t heard from you – we will refund your payment and put the vehicle back on sale.
    4. If we have made contact with you, we will hold the vehicle for up to the 14th day from when the reservation payment was received.  This is to give you sufficient time to plan to travel to our site, inspect the vehicle and make sure you’re happy with all of the terms of the proposed sale.
    5. Any time during the 14 days following your reservation payment, you can decide not to proceed with the purchase and can ask for the payment to be refunded.  This will cancel any reservations that you have with us.
    6. Reservations cannot be assigned or transferred to other parties or vehicles, without the prior written consent of TMD Motorhomes
    7. We reserve the right to cancel the reservation if the vehicle is withdrawn from sale for any reason. Your reservation fee would be refunded in either case.