Adria Twin Max Campervan

Adria Twin Max Campervan

Adria’s Twin Max Campervan blends adventure and comfort, offering spacious living areas, a practical kitchen, cosy sleeping solutions, luxury bathrooms, and advanced driving features for a unique, uncompromised outdoor living experience

Introducing the Adria Twin Max Campervan: Redefining the Concept of Adventure

Adria – a name synonymous with 50+ years of unmatchable craftsmanship and passion paves the path to creating the vehicle of your dreams. Through its undeniable dedication to design, innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Adria presents the Twin Max Campervan, a paragon in recreational vehicles.

Adria Twin Max

It’s more than a campervan; it’s an open invitation to embark on unparalleled adventures wrapped in unrivalled comfort. Crafted for living, performing, and enjoying, this minivan is an embodiment of your adventurous spirit.

The Heart and Soul of the Twin Max Experience

Open Plan Cabin-Loft Style Interior

Experience the contemporary living spaces with our open cabin-loft style interior. Relish the comfortable dinette beneath our exclusive panoramic roof window or amuse yourself in the flexible and spacious living areas.

  • Flexible Dinette on double floors with ample storage space
  • Supportive Ergonomic Seats for supreme comfort
  • Overhead Storage Cupboards increase practicality
  • Flexible and Removable Table caters to your every need.

Inspiring and Practical Kitchen

Adventures can’t compromise on food! Cook delightful dishes in our practical kitchen replete with durable worktop, hob, sink design, microwave oven/grill, fridge, and innovative storage.

  • Large Kitchen Unit with worktop extension and side storage
  • Large Soft-Closing Drawers and non-slip surfaces for ultimate convenience
  • Two Burner-Hob with integrated sink and tap
  • Smart Storage Solutions keep everything in the right place for food and drink preparation.

Restful Nights on the Road

Sleep like a royal amidst the wild! With a choice of different bed formats, controllable lighting, and storage for personal things, comfort is never compromised.

  • Excellent Integration into the Living Space
  • Generous Bed Dimensions within all layouts
  • Bed Extension Solutions (model dependent)
  • Premium Quality Mattresses ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.

Additional sleeping solutions come with the 680SGX, 680SLB, and 600SPB models, each offering unique features such as electrically managed beds, foldable single beds, and foldable rear beds with extensions.

Luxury Bathrooms

Indulge in the luxurious bathrooms, diligently designed to maximise space with good lighting, mirrors, and storage.

  • Swivel Wall for optimum space and comfort
  • Practical Wash Basin Stand and wall-mounted sink
  • Comfortable and Spacious Shower for a refreshing start of the day
  • Illuminated Mirror and Personal Storage for extra convenience
  • Bathroom Window for extra light and ventilation.

Advanced Features for Safe and Comfortable Adventures

The Adria Twin Max Campervan comes with a range of advanced driver features, crafted on the MAN TGE for assured, capable and agile driving. Choose from a variety of high-quality upholstery and cushion sets to augment your style and personal taste.

  • Versatile Lighting
  • Exclusive Panoramic Sun Roof
  • Large Roof Window
  • Framed Side and Rear Privacy Windows
  • Sliding Side Door
  • Electronic Waste Water Disposal

Boasting powerful and efficient 2.0 L turbo-diesel engines, the Campervan offers a choice of 140 HP single turbo and 177 HP twin-turbo engines. Choose a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic gearbox contingent on your preferences and savour high levels of standard equipment, alongside a choice of additional driver and safety aids.

Countless wonders await you with the Adria Twin Max Campervan – a journey of unfading memories, comfortable living, boundless exploration, and a rendezvous with your untamed spirit begins here!

Dive into an unprecedented adventure. Savour the luxuries of the Adria Twin Max Campervan. Ring us on 01564 758060 or drop us an enquiry here.