E&P Hydraulics Levelsystem for motorhomes

Quick, simple and easy to use

No matter how long your stop, the automatic hydraulic levelling system from E&P is easy to use. Even when you’re just stopping for a quick rest, the system gives you a level, stable and vibration-free position.

Hydraulically level in less than 2 minutes

Four lightweight hydraulic jacks do the hard work of levelling for you. All at the touch of a button.

Level your motorhome the E&P way

Hydraulic levelling makes your vehicle level, no matter where you stop.
All at the press of a button.

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An automatic hydraulic self levelling system.

There are many reasons for levelling your motorhome. For both comfort and practicalities. And it’s often the first job you have to do when you arrive somewhere. Even if it’s raining (let’s face it, in the UK it often is).

Quick, simple and easy

With the E&P Hydraulics Level M system, you can have a stable, level and secure pitch in under two minutes.

All the hassle and trickiness of levelling manually is removed at the touch of a button. No more scrabbling around on your hands and knees in the mud. No fiddley gadgets. Or ramps and chocks. And a stable position to enjoy your break.

On site benefits:

  • Level in less than two minutes
  • Effortlessly level at the touch of a button
  • Fully automatic hydraulic levelling jacks
  • Sturdy and safe position for added comfort
  • Improved function of fridges and shower trays
  • Hydraulic retraction for boggy or frozen ground

Other benefits:

  • Hydraulic lifting for tyre changes*
  • Maintenance free
  • No wear and tear
  • Kind to chassis frames
  • Additional theft protection
  • Tilt function helps drain grey water tanks and removes rain-water from the roof

Simply put, you press a button and your motorhome is level in 2 minutes.

The system works by deploying four lightweight hydraulic corner jacks which are fastened to the chassis. Working in conjunction with each other and the control unit, they automatically judge the level and tilt of your motorhome to get the optimum position.

For convenience and safety, the system comes with a removeable touchscreen control. This allows you to freely walk around your vehicle, checking for any obstacles or hazards. Or, you can just sit back and watch the hydraulic jacks doing all the work for you.

There is no risk of the chassis and bodywork twisting as there will always be at least two hydraulic levelling jacks working at the same time.

The two-way hydraulic operating mechanism means when you are ready to leave your site, the jacks retract hydraulically. Simply meaning they won’t get stuck in soggy mud, or frozen ground.

The system can also be used manually. For times when you need to lift just one wheel for changing, or all four for storage.

The system also has an inbuilt safety feature preventing you from accidentally driving off with the jacks down.

Technical Data

If you require further technical information or have a question about the system. Please get in touch and we or one of our partners will get in touch.

  • Minimum motorhome weight; 3.5 tonnes
  • Maximum motorhome weight; 24 tonnes
  • Two year warranty
  • Number of hydraulic jacks; 4
  • Stroke length; dependent on vehicle
  • Powder coated jacks to prevent corrosion
  • Hydraulic pump driven by 12 volt – 800 watt motor
  • Integrated oil tank
  • System weight; 55kg (for vehicles up to 5.5 tonnes)

What comes with the system

  • Four hydraulic jacks
  • Detachable control panel

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