Burstner Gallery Motorhomes

Burstner Gallery Motorhomes

The Burstner Gallery Motorhome offers award-winning design, dual living levels, and innovative features for ultimate comfort. It’s a contemporary mobile experience, blending luxury and functionality for unparalleled travel adventures

Introducing the Burstner Gallery Motorhome: The Future of Comfortable Travelling

Step into the future of mobile homes with the Burstner Gallery Motorhome – a marvel of design, comfort, and functionality. Having won multiple awards for its unique design and cutting-edge features, the Burstner Gallery Motorhome is more than just a vehicle; it’s a travelling experience unlike any other.

Burstner Gallery Motorhome

Interior Benefits:

  • Two Living Levels: With Bürstner’s gallery roof construction, experience a second living level complete with a workspace, sleeping berth, and the comfort to lounge.
  • Integrated Storage Solutions: Whether within the fixed stairs or in ergonomically designed compartments, find the perfect space for every belonging.
  • Exclusive Lighting Concept: The Light Pack, battery-operated Home Lights, and the hinged sunroof ensure optimal lighting, complemented by illuminated stairs leading to the second level.
  • Comfort at Every Step: Thanks to the insulated sandwich construction floor, feel at home even when on the move.
  • Additional Features:
  • Second living level with a dedicated workspace
  • Stylish bar element with Home Light and docking station
  • Spacious rear washroom designs tailored to specific layouts
  • Curved rear lounge with optional drop-down bed
  • Exclusive Harmony Line upholstery details
  • Elevated sun-roof with fly protection

A Unique Over-cab Experience:
The Burstner Gallery Motorhome offers an unmatched over-cab bed motorhome design. Rising to a height of 3.7 metres, the alcove can be elevated in a mere 90 seconds, providing a vertical extension rather than an angled pop-top. This revolutionary design grants travellers a genuine second living space – a home away from home sensation.

Layout Choices:

  1. Lyseo Gallery TD 649 G: Perfect for families or groups, this layout offers:
  • Sleeping berths: 4 – 6
  • Dimensions: Length – 699cm | Height – 299cm | Width – 230cm
  1. Lyseo Gallery TD 689 G: Optimised for comfort, this layout features:
  • Sleeping berths: 3
  • Dimensions: Length – 690cm | Height – 299cm | Width – 230cm

Exterior Benefits:

  • Modern Aesthetics: Harmony Line graphics, hybrid rear lights, and a redesigned T-hood exude sophistication.
  • Premium Features: Experience the convenience of a Premium XL cabin door, Thermo-double floor, and electrically adjustable exterior mirrors.
  • Safety and Comfort: 16″ alloy wheels, service unit, and heated mirrors ensure every journey is smooth and secure.

Designed for All Weathers:
The Burstner Gallery Motorhome is tested rigorously to withstand varying climatic conditions. From scorching heat to heavy snowfall, this vehicle stands resilient. Every mechanism, from the elevating system to the locking mechanism, functions flawlessly regardless of the environment, proving its durability and reliability.

In Conclusion:
The Burstner Gallery Motorhome isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s an embodiment of luxury, comfort, and technological innovation. Whether you’re travelling on a balmy summer day or navigating through snowy terrains, this motorhome promises an unparalleled travel experience. It’s not just about the destination, but the journey – and what better way to journey than in the lap of luxury?

Embark on an unparalleled adventure. Discover the Burstner Gallery Motorhome by calling us on 01564 758060 or submitting your enquiry here.