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TMD Extended Warranty and Service Plans

TMD Motorhomes is committed to your long-term satisfaction with a 3 Year Service Plan for your motorhome and a 5 Year Extended Warranty for Burstner and Adria Motorhomes. These plans are designed to provide comprehensive protection and maintenance, ensuring your vehicle remains in peak condition. For detailed coverage information and to secure your plan, contact us at 01564 758060.

Below you’ll find more information concerning our 5 Year Extended Warranty and 3 Year Service Plans.

5 Year Extended Warranty
3 Year Service Plan


Our 5-year extended warranty for new Adria and Burstner Motorhomes offers peace of mind and an added layer of protection to ensure you enjoy your motorhome experience, without worrying about unexpected costs.

This warranty provides an extension to the Manufacturer’s original warranty, covering a wide range of mechanical and electrical components of your motorhome. From the engine transmission to the electrical system and appliance, this extended warranty ensures that you have comprehensive coverage. You can rest easyknowing that any covered repairs or replacements will be taken care of, minimising out-of-pocket expenses. Whether you’re embarking on a short weekend getaway or planning a long cross-country adventure, the extended warranty on your motorhome serves as a safety net throughout your travels.

Your extended warranty in years 3,4 & 5 will be administered by an external company, and this information will be given to you at your vehicle handover, including their contact information should you need to make a claim.

This extended warranty requires the vehicle to be serviced and receive an annual habitation check as required at TMD’s workshops. Please contact our Customer Service Team on 01564 758060 or go to Aftersales to book one for your vehicle.

Why not take out our 3 Year Service Plan, inflation proofing your servicing costs and protecting your new leisure vehicle.


A service plan with TMD Motorhomes is a valuable investment that provides you with comprehensive coverage for the maintenance and repair of your vehicle. Offering an extended period of protection and peace of mind.

With a vehicle Service Plan, you can rest assured knowing that service costs are taken care of, saving you from potential financial burdens of price increases.

This Service Plan typically covers routine maintenance tasks like manufacturers services and habitation tests and ensures that your vehicle remains in optimal condition. This not only helps extend the lifespan of your vehicle, maintains the validity of the manufacturers warranty but also helps preserve its value.

Investing in a vehicle Service Plan not only saves you money but also provides convenience and peace of mind, knowing that your investment is taken care of by the team at TMD Motorhomes.

Please ask your sales person for more detailed information and pricing.

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